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Jason Sebastian Russo photo by Steve Gullick Tired of Talking About Guitar Pedals: 5 Questions for Jason Sebastian Russo

By Craig Morgan Teicher

Jason Sebastian Russo is currently studying fiction and poetry in the Writing Seminars as a dual-genre MFA candidate. He’s also the residential teaching fellow for the Spring term. But before he came to Bennington, he had a long and flourishing career in indie rock—he was a member of the legendary Mercury Rev as well as a number of other bands, including Hopewell, Guiding Light, and Pete International Airport. As he begins his semester on campus, he and I talked about how he found his way from the stage to the page, the differences between songs and poems, and the power and importance of teaching.

Image of Shlesha Pradhan Holding on to Music: Shlesha Pradhan '24

Shlesha Pradhan '24, from Kathmandu, Nepal, has always been interested in science, particularly in Biology. While in high school, her initial plan was to enter the field of medicine; however, her perspective shifted when she took a volunteer role at a rehabilitation center.

Image of red cedar booklet Presenting the Forest

On the final Wednesday of the fall 2023 term, students in faculty member Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie’s How to Build a Forest course prepared to present their final projects. 

Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23 with Alisha Bade Shrestha '23 Find Your Passion: Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23

Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23 credits Bennington for helping him find his true passion. 

Community Reading + Celebration Highlighting BIPOC Experiences

The evening of November 11 was momentous. A lineup of eight BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) students presented their work at a “Community Reading + Celebration” in the Student Center

Halley Le ’25 in the lab. Exploring Research: Halley Le ’25

When she arrived at Bennington, Halley Le ’25 was interested in chemistry and sustainability, specifically environmental chemistry or research pertaining to solar energy conversion and solar fuels. She is using her Field Work Terms to explore how chemistry intersects with these and other scientific fields.

SCT Senior Thesis Presentations: Fall 2023 Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT) Senior Thesis Presentations: Fall 2023

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, thirteen seniors presented their SCT theses. 

Band Surgeon General, including Jaren Gallo ’25, Harry Zucker ’23, Garrett Crusan ’23, and Laila Smith ’25 Freedom to Explore: Garrett Crusan ’23

Originally from Pennsylvania, Garrett Crusan ’23 has been making music since childhood. They started by playing the piano before moving on to the drums, guitar, and bass. They transferred from the Jazz Studies program at a university in New York City to Bennington in their sophomore year.

Students at COP28 UN Climate Conference in Dubai Bennington Goes to COP28

Bennington College was on the ground in Dubai as the 28th round of UN sponsored climate negotiations got underway.

B-Rad t-shirt design by Music Rep Grace McAlexander B-Rad Lives Up to Its Name

Bennington Radio (B-Rad), which earned The Princeton Review’s #14 rating among college radio stations nationwide this year, is located in what was once a large coat closet at the entrance of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action.