Student News

Album cover with chair on mylar backdrop To Gallery a Cloud Ground

Ethan Koss-Smith '22 speaks about the process of producing his debut album To Gallery a Cloud Ground.

Two people signing in ASL in an art studio Hands-on Art and Language

“In the world, it’s often the case that a Deaf person is expected to read lips, have the accommodations they need, to do the work to hold a conversation, when really it’s hearing people who should be making the effort,” said Madeline Poultridge ’20.

Sign for Bennington Project Independence Building a Bridge Across Generations

When five first-year Bennington College students began their annual Field Work Term at Bennington Project Independence in January, they were not sure what to expect working at an adult day care facility.

Eulala Scheel with Trex bone Art to Explore the Natural World

At the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, guests are invited to interact with displays, including a touchable cast of a T. rex femur, which Eulala Harden Scheel ’20 helped sculpt during her Field Work Term.

Deja' Haley in front of Black library display History, Present, and Future

During Fall term 2018, Crossett Library set up a display of suggestion cards, inviting students to suggest ways to make the library more inclusive.

“Bring back the Black Library,” wrote Deja’ Haley ’20.

Student Center model (Re)Centering on Student Experience

2019 will be an exciting year of transition across Bennington College’s campus.

A Jester's Tale Bennington Students Sundance Bound with Augmented Reality Tale

This winter, a group of Bennington collaborators led by Asad J. Malik ’19 of 1RIC Studio are headed to Sundance Film Festival New Frontiers with a pioneering project poised to test the waters of a new storytelling medium. Their project is also the only New Frontiers submission helmed by undergraduates.

Letters to the Editor Beyond Plastics Activism: Letters to the Editor

Students in Judith Enck's Plastic Pollution: What Can We Do About It? course have written letters to the editor about the need to protect the environment and marine life from the growing problem of plastic pollution.

Night Herd Darham to Exhibit at Yellowstone Art Museum

Mira Darham ’19 will exhibit her work at the Yellowstone Art Museum, the largest contemporary art museum in Montana, from January 25 - March 9, 2019.

Polling Stations Elections and Onward

Bronwyn Edwards ’19 initially entered Bennington intending to study literature and pursue publishing. As her time at the College evolved, she discovered a love for theatre and used her Field Work Terms (FWT) and internships to delve into experiences at Primary Stages, New York Public Radio, the New York State Council for the Arts, and more.