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Art for Access Art for Access launch yields more than $3.1 million to support scholarships

The launch of Bennington College’s new Art for Access initiative has yielded more than $3.1 million to establish the College’s inaugural Art for Access scholarship fund, which will provide financial aid for talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford a Bennington education.

A Bennington Student Entering The Workforce With No Connections? Make Some.

In her column for Forbes, President Mariko Silver writes about how cultivating professional relationships can help to bridge the advantage gap for recent graduates entering the workforce. 

Garth Greenwell To Be a Writer in America Today


Novelist, poet, and literary critic Garth Greenwell delivered the Bennington Writing Seminars 47th Commencement address.

Bennington in the snow Making Change in the World (Winter 2018)

Greetings from beautiful Bennington, where the trees are frosted with snow and students are making final preparations for Field Work Term. The past few months have brought new opportunities for artistic discovery and intellectual collaboration. Students dove into fall term eager to flex their creative, analytic, and democratic muscles and start building a better world. We are excited to share with you all the great work that is under way. 

A Year in Books A Year in Books

A dystopian metropolis plagued by dragons. A disillusioned detective back on the beat. An exploration of what it means to be black, feminist, and female in America. A deep dive into the new science of psychedelics. Across millions of words and myriad perspectives, one constant is clear: 2018 was a big year for Bennington writers.

Danny Michaelson Remembering Danny Michaelson

Today, President Mariko Silver shared the following message with the Bennington College community to commemorate former faculty member Danny Michaelson.

Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg's Billions And Real College Access

Responding to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's $1.8 billion gift to his alma mater Johns Hopkins University, President Mariko Silver writes in her Forbes column about college access, championing access to more kinds of schools for more kinds of students.

Beyond Plastics Beyond Plastics Project Launched

Bennington College announced today that former Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Judith Enck is launching a project, Beyond Plastics, that will work with college students and community leaders around the country to reduce plastic pollution.

CAPA Students Wanted: First-Time Voters

In her column for Forbes, President Mariko Silver writes about how to channel the concern, energy, and improvements in electoral turnout into lasting civic engagement.

CAPA Students Voting Does Not Make Democracy

In her column for Forbes, President Mariko Silver writes about the year-round civic engagement efforts—including, but not limited to voting—that create a robust democracy.