Alumni News

Image of Ryan Chigogo Between Nature and Science: Ryan Chigogo '23

Ryan Chigogo ’23, energy analyst at Charles River Associates, reflects on his time at Bennington College.

By Gaurav Aung '24

Florence Gill '22 On Collaboration, Theater, and Foraging: Florence Gill ’22

By Gaurav Aung ’24

Bennington College was Florence Gill ’22’s destination long before they knew it existed. Born and raised in Doncaster, England, they had no idea attending college in the United States was an option. After finishing their General Certificate of Secondary Education (roughly the British equivalent of an American high school diploma), they were on a path that would lead them to a strict education at a university in the United Kingdom, yet they found themself at a crossroads: they wanted the depth of a specialized undergraduate degree but also the breadth of study that couldn’t be found in the UK.

Ahmad Yassir '20 Applying the Plan in Unexpected Ways: Ahmad Yassir ’20

Ahmad Yassir ’20 stayed in the town of Bennington after graduation and works as a digital advertising and marketing specialist for the Bennington Banner. He had an amazing 2023.

Alisha Bade Shrestha '23 The Feeling of Being Witnessed: Alisha Bade Shrestha ’23

Recent graduate trustee Alisha Bade Shrestha ’23 discusses her experience studying Performing and Visual Arts at Bennington College and the "small nestled miracles" she found on campus.

Jupiter Kalinowski ’23 Asking Their Own Questions: Jupiter Kalinowski ’23

During the last few days of the fall term, Jupiter Kalinowski ’23, who studied protein biochemistry and biological research methods at Bennington, was busy in the lab. They were running the final experiment of their senior work.

Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23 with Alisha Bade Shrestha '23 Find Your Passion: Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23

Stefanos Zogopoulos ’23 credits Bennington for helping him find his true passion. 

Cora Cohen '64 Bennington College Receives Cora Cohen ’64 Painting

Bennington alum and notable abstract painter Cora Cohen ’64 donated a large painting to Bennington College before her death in June. The painting was given in honor of Pat Adams, a faculty member teaching during Cohen’s time at Bennington.

Image of Smile Ma Using All of Her Knowledge: Xiao (Smile) Ma ’23

Xiao (Smile) Ma ’23 discusses her experience exploring Visual Arts at Bennington.

Image of Van Morrison collage Taylor Tours with Van Morrison

Jeff Taylor '84 toured with music icon Van Morrison's band for his 2023/2024 US tour.

stack of 2023 books in library at Bennington The Books of 2023

The latest additions to Bennington’s rich literary history have hit bookstore shelves. Their authors join Bennington notables, including Donna Tartt '86, Kiran Desai '93, Michael Pollan '76, ​Ann Goldstein '71, Anaïs Duplan '14, Anne Waldman '66, Cynthia Sweeney MFA '13, Jamie Quatro MFA '09, Amy Gerstler '01, Morgan Jerkins MFA '16, and Charles Bock '97.