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Artist making pottery onstage Claytopia Conversations

“In higher education, ceramics is often taught with a community-oriented spirit,” said Joshua Green ’81. “Students work together in a common space and in front of one another. They’ll put their works together in a kiln load that’s then fired collaboratively. Ceramics tends to draw in students who value community.”

Bennington College logo Bennington Magazine: Call for Alumni Work


The next issue of the Bennington magazine will be authored  by alumni submissions that respond to the question: What didn’t exist before you made it? From your responses, we will publish a ranging and vivid portfolio of alumni work.

Webster and Katie Marsh You Can Do This For a Living

“If you have a passion for a field, use your time in college to pursue that, whether or not you think you’re going to get a job in it,” said Katie Marsh ’12.

Kent Hikida and Bennington architects Bennington Mentorship

Kent Hikida ’85 knows the value of the Bennington network extends long after graduation. Along with his wife, Amy Schweitzer Hikida ’85, he co-chairs the New York City Steering Committee for the Bennington Alumni Cooperative.

Audiobooks Hear Here

Listen up! Through their podcasts and audiobooks, Bennington alumni and faculty are sharing essential and untold stories with the world. 

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garam garam Shah's Garam Garam Pops Up at Pangaea

Mariam Shah ’14, who runs garam garam, a growing food venture devoted to Pakistani cuisine, hosted a February pop up at Pangaea in Bennington. 

Lulu Mulalu The Hope of Storytelling

While Lulu Mulalu ’18 was a student at Bennington College, her studies, which ranged from psychology, drama, voice, writing, and French, always circled back to the importance of language and storytelling.

Legion Header FX Let Fear be a Tailwind

As a freelance producer with credits on dozens of films and television series such as Legion, Training Day, and Lucifer, Erik Holmberg '86 is an expert at navigating the many highs and lows that come with a career in the entertainment industry.

Carol Channing Remembering Carol Channing

Celebrating the life of artistic trailblazer and electric stage personality Carol Channing '42.

SJ Chiro Making Pictures Out of Life

The most important qualities a film director can have, according to SJ Chiro ’87, are “an opinion, a point of view, and something urgent that you need to say.