Ganas: Latino Community Outreach Mission GANAS aims to: 

  1. Provide students with volunteer opportunities to engage with the Latino migrant worker population in Bennington County through our partnership with community organizations and collaborators: the Vermont Migrant Education Program, the Bennington Free Clinic and Legal Resistance Alliance.
  2. Create a network among the migrant worker population, students, faculty and organizations with expertise and interest in this initiative.
  3. Produce informative programming related to legal, educational, and healthcare services for migrant workers. Rationale There are approximately 3,000 undocumented immigrants supporting the Vermont dairy industry who are constantly facing the fear of deportation and racial profiling despite the implementation of the bias-free policing policy law H535 and the law that allows undocumented residents to apply for Driver's Privilege Cards. As students and members of the greater Bennington County Community, we believe there are untapped opportunities for learning from and helping the predominantly undocumented Latina/o migrant worker population in order to address these issues.

La declaración de objetivos: 

  1. Proveer a los estudiantes de Bennington College la oportunidad de interactuar con la población latina de clase trabajadora en el condado de Bennington siguiendo asociaciones con otras organizaciones comunitarias del área.
  2. Crear una red entre la comunidad de trabajadores migrantes y estudiantes, maestros y organizaciones con experiencia e interés en esta iniciativa.
  3. Producir documentación útil sobre los servicios legales, educativos y médicos disponibles para los trabajadores latinos en el área.

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