Driver's License

As an international student, you may legally drive on the roads of the State of Vermont for up to one year from your date of arrival if you have an International Driving Permit, a valid home country license, and if you are from one of the designated countries or territories. A valid home country license is limited to a licensed driver who is at least 18 years old and limited to a vehicle of the type covered by the license. For detailed information and to access the list of designated countries, please visit the DMV website

Applying for a Vermont Driver's License

International students can apply for a Vermont driver's license through the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV in Bennington is located at 530 Main Street (use Pleasant Street parking lot) and open Monday-Friday: 7:45 am–4:00 pm.

A license will be issued after you pass the vision, written, and road tests and pay the fees. Generally, the permit and road test are done on separate days. Usually, you will not be able to make an appointment for the road test until you have already passed the permit test. If you are taking the driving test, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver at least 25 years of age. The car you use for the driving test must have a valid vehicle registration certificate and be in good mechanical condition. An automobile insurance identification card is also required.

If you have no prior experience in driving or do not have a learner’s permit that is valid in the U.S., you will need to acquire a learner’s permit. In order to obtain the learner’s permit, you must enroll in a Vermont Driver Education & Training and make an appointment for a written exam. Your permit will be issued after you pass the vision and the written tests, pay the required fees and show proper proof of identification and Vermont residency. After you have received the permit, you will need to do the following:

  • Adult driver training and refresher training. This type of training may consist of classroom and/or behind-the-wheel instruction. A combination of both types of instruction is available for novice drivers in a state-approved "6+6 Adult Driver Education Course." This program consists of a minimum of six hours classroom and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

  • Driver license testing. Instructors at participating schools are certified to administer the DMV driver license road test. This service may be provided to students who have completed an approved driver education course. Adult drivers who have completed an approved ("6+6") adult driver course may also be eligible to be tested.

You will need access to a car to take the driving test; if you do not own a car you will need to borrow one. Please be aware that you cannot take the written test and the driving test on the same day, so you will need to visit the DMV twice to take all of the required tests. You should therefore plan to allow at least two weeks to obtain your Vermont Driver's License.

You should call or email the DMV to schedule an appointment for a written and driving test. Visit the DMV website in order to access online services, contact information, hours, and location for the DMV in Bennington. 

When you go to the DMV, you will need to present your Bennington College student ID Card, F-1 visa, I-20, passport, social security card, and I-94 record.