Tax Filing Information

All international students are required to report to the U.S. tax service each year, even if they did not work in the previous year. Not all international students will be required to pay taxes; but they at least need to report their presence in the U.S. This is a legal requirement. Please see the tax-estimator tool to determine federal taxes owed. 

International students who earn income in the U.S. may be obligated to pay taxes. Sources of income may include on-campus employment, practical or academic training, scholarships, fellowships, and any other compensation received in exchange for a service. In other words, “income” is not limited to wages paid through a paycheck, but also includes any portion of a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship from a U.S. source paid to the College and applied to housing and meal expenses. The portion applied to tuition, fees, and books is not considered income. However, if scholarship money is provided directly to a student by check or cash, it is fully taxable even if the student intends to use it to pay for tuition, fees, and/or books.

Bennington College purchases a license to Sprintax, a non-resident tax preparation software, for each international student to help them prepare their required tax filings.


If you are employed in the United States, your employer will send you a statement of earnings, called a Form W-2, by the end of January that details your income and any taxes withheld during the previous year. If you receive benefits of a tax treaty for employment, scholarship or fellowship income, you will receive a Form 1042-S by mid March that details your income and treaty benefits. You will need these documents to complete your tax forms. Be sure to keep copies of all your tax documents.