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Why hire a Bennington recent grad?

Our graduates are ready with the creativity, drive, and skill needed to thrive in today's workforce. Join the growing community of alumni and others who are tapping into Bennington's talent.

Why Hire a Bennington Intern?

By the measures that matter to employers, Bennington students exceed expectations–97% of employers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their Bennington intern, and 62% say our interns outperform those from other schools. 

How do I list a job?

Ready to recruit your Bennington intern or recent grad? Bennington College uses Handshake, a free online career management and recruiting platform that serves as a bridge between job opportunities and our talented pool of students. The platform ensures that your position descriptions reach candidates who genuinely align with the qualifications you seek. See below to sign up and register your company, and learn more about the student-employer agreement. Winter Field Work Term: January 2–February 16, 2024

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Employer Reviews

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Self-Motivated, Creative, and Open to Experience

Employers from Google, Massachusetts General Hospital, PBS, and the Vermont State Legislature talk about working with Bennington interns.