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What is Field Work Term?

Every year, every Bennington student spends 200 hours in a job or internship, honing their knowledge, skills, and aspirations through the world of work.

Who employs Bennington interns?

Our students and graduates are experienced, ready, and equipped with key workplace competencies. See a list of companies and organizations who have worked with a Bennington intern. 

How Do I Get Involved?

Ready to recruit your Bennington intern? Read our Student Employer Agreement for details, then sign up for an employer profile and post your internship on Handshake, our job-listing platform.

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By the measures that matter to employers, Bennington students exceed expectations and far outpace their peers nationally–97% of employers are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their Bennington intern. Employers tell us our students are able to enter complex situations; to work and think independently and as part of a team; and to navigate ambiguities, trade-offs, and uncertainties. Work experience is a critical pillar of our students’ education; their contributions are equally valued by their employers.

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Employer Reviews

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Self-Motivated, Creative, and Open to Experience

Employers from Google, Massachusetts General Hospital, PBS, and the Vermont State Legislature talk about working with Bennington interns.