What Employers Say

The fullness of a Bennington intern's experience and exposure to the professional world has employers repeatedly hiring Bennington interns and staff—and each year, employers report that their expectations are exceeded by our intern's abilities to express valuable professional capacities like teamwork, innovation, communication, and leadership.

This is what recent employers had to say.

97 percent of employers are satisfied or extremely satisfied
94% want to hire interns in future
62% say our interns outperform those from other colleges
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Not only was she very competent and professional, she was mature beyond her years. I was and remain so pleased to have had the privilege to work with such a remarkable young woman. She was perhaps one of the best interns I've ever had. 

Green Writers Press

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She was a joy to work with. We are impressed with her great commitment to inspiring others to use theatre as a vehicle to think critically and develop literacy skills. Our team appreciates the outstanding quality of the work she delivered during the internship. Her presence is missed not only by CTC staff members, but also by our external partners including students and teachers she worked with.

Children's Theatre Company

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She was an outstanding intern! I wish we had 10 more just like her, she fit in with our staff and volunteers very well and adjusted to our needs with impressive speed. We were very sad to see her go. 

Rainbow Center

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She was a hard worker, talented and driven. My only wish was that we had had more challenging responsibilities to offer her that she could have sunk her teeth in to! 

Snap Yourself

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He has provided us with preliminary findings that will support our enrichment planting, which in turn will lead to enhancement of biodiversity and providing habitats for endangered species, such as the Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon. 

Nagahawatte Forest Garden

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I was thrilled by our Bennington intern’s special skills and talents; he was like a colleague when in the listening realm—and I would absolutely want to work with him, trusting him to listen to music and feedback to me as an assistant, what he hears. ... he was always re-inventing with the best intentions, informed by the ideas behind the tasks.

The New York City Jazz Record

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Extremely satisfied is an understatement. She was a quick learner, self-motivated, focused, cooperative, and creative! We all agreed that she was a joy to include as part of our filmmaking production and outreach team.

Concentric Media

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She seems completely ready to enter the workforce. She was the best intern anyone could ever hope to have. We were extremely satisfied, even surprised, that a student could be so mature. 

Metropolitan Playhouse

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She spent time developing her own projects when she wasn't tasked with an assignment from the development team. She is a terrific worker and I'd love more interns like her. 

Bischoff Hervey Entertainment

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She contributed to the completion of a 3-year project that serves as the cornerstone to district-wide arts curriculum in Boston Public Schools. We could not have finished without her! 

Boston Public Schools Arts Department

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Working with our Bennington intern reminded me that Theatre Without Borders would benefit enormously from a staff person like him. It is hard to overstate the value of his contribution. Many things would not have happened so successfully without him. We're very grateful.

Theatre Without Borders

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She worked on a very real problem in our news alerting infrastructure which involved multiple developers, tools and data. She literally solved these problems for us. 

Rapid Ratings International

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We are extremely satisfied with her performance and contribution. She has left our library better than she found it and we are very grateful for all of her contributions. 

Wilton Free Public Library

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She​ is a better performer than most of our seasonal hires. We were truly impressed with her maturity and competence in the workplace. She will be a model employee or professional.

Gateway National Recreation Area, National Park Service

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She exceeded all expectations and we would love to have her or anyone of her caliber act as an intern with our group. 

Chinese Heritage Foundation

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She is a remarkable young woman intelligent, perceptive, composed and industrious, and a delightful short term presence in our work. Brilliant.

The 11th Hour Project

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She knew coming in that this intern experience would be open ended, and didn't seem fazed by me treating her as a graduate student. She was a delight to have in the lab and she'd be welcome back anytime.

Syracuse University, Department of Biology

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The intern was excellent. She was mature and always a professional. She came early and stayed late. She assisted us in enrolling patients and collecting data for our various research studies. 

Maimonides Medical Center

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I think he would be successful working in nearly any environment. In fact, his presence would elevate the working environment and the expectations of others around him. We would love to clone him and have an intern like him every year!

Me2/Orchestra, Inc.

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He​ strongly contributed to research in two of our stories while simultaneously planning and producing his own work. He is very independent and has a lot of initiative. He's a wonderful young man, full of promise and original ideas.

The Kitchen Sisters Productions

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Although having an intern takes extra time and work from my perspective, I really enjoyed having her here. She was actually helpful to me and made it possible for me to work on projects I wouldn't have had time for otherwise. 

Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes

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She developed her own ideas, transformed her assignment and fashioned a product that was by a measure of magnitude better than that requested. Can I have her back now?

New York State Defenders Association

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She always looked ahead and prepared for each day. Very thorough and a very able team member. Her contribution was pivotal to the success of our team.

—Take Care Institute


I offered her a part-time job when she goes back to school because I was so impressed with her work ethic. She played a key role in the successful delivery of a number of projects this past month. 


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He was an exemplary intern who could be counted on to do careful work. His professionalism was impressive.

Boston Center for the Arts

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He has set a high bar for intern performance. Any future candidate will have high standards to match up to.

Garret Wade Company

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He is absolutely a model of professionalism and enthusiasm. We wish Bennington was located in Minnesota​ so we could keep ​him​ on our roster and continue to work with him.

Mu Performing Arts

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He was an asset to the entire project. He made himself an indispensable member of the creative team and everyone was sorry to see him return to school! He has a promising future and will no doubt make a great contribution to the American theater.

Trinity Repertory Company


We were very impressed with his ease with independent work. He was able to make serious headway on an extensive literature review that could bog down the most seasoned researcher.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention