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2019 Field Work Term Photo Contest

Field Work Term is Bennington College's annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work.

This photo contest brings those experiences  to life. Students use #FieldWorkTerm to share photos of themselves making, working, and learning to tell the story of their unique work exploration over Field Work Term.

And the winner is...

Madeline Poultridge '20, who deepened their ASL language skills while practicing ceramics as a studio assistant to artist Ellen Mansfield at TileStroke Studio.

Read more about Madeline's Field Work Term experience. 

Madeline signing with Ellen


Photo of Ahmad Yassir teaching a class Photo of Emma looking into a microscope Photo of Hrach unfolding a poster
From left: Ahmad Yassir, Emma Salazar, Hrach Sargsyan

Ahmad Yassir '20 spent Field Work Term at Abaarso School in Somaliland teaching art and peace building at this institute, which nurtures the academic, intellectual, and character development of K-12 Somali girls and boys.

Amanda Bacon '19 took this snap of Emma Salazar '19, who researched the formation of calcite veins across Vermont as part of her senior work.

Hrach Sargsyan '20 is a Museum Fellow at the Museum of the Moving Image. Hrach researched community outreach for an advanced screening of To Dust, starring Matthew Broderick and Geza Rohrig.

Photo of man with cactus Photo of man at desk Photo of three girls playing guitars
From left: Zac Bull, River Valadez, Carling Berkhout

Zac Bull '20 spent his Field Work Term as a conservation intern at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Focused on the Sonoran Desert, the Museum is an outdoor experience that includes a zoo, botanical garden, art gallery, natural history museum, and aquarium.

River Valadez '20 studies music composition and ceramics. As part of his Museum Fellows Term, River delved into the archives at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture.

Carling Berkhout '19 toured with Amayi Anders '21 and Magdalen Wulf, who comprise the folk trio Surplus Daughters, over Field Work Term and posted a shot of their show at Shrine World Music Venue.