Funding, Spaces, and Places

The OSE manages a select amount of spaces across campus and also has the ability to provide students with additional funding given they submit the student council’s budget request form. 


Additional funding is only decided upon once the student has completed the budget request form and can provide a detailed description as to why and what the funding will be needed/used for. There is no guarantee that funding will be awarded if the form is filled out. The decision is made collaboratively between the OSE and Student Council.

If funding is awarded, the student can be reimbursed by showing their receipts. Alternatively, the Assistant Director of Student Engagement can purchase the needed items for the student. The manner in which funding will be received is highly dependent on the amount awarded and what it will be used for. 

Fill out the Student Council budget request form. 

Spaces and Places

OSE manages the Student Center and the Meyer Recreation Barn as well as much of the equipment within those facilities.

The Student Center

The Student Center can be considered as the hub for student engagement as it offers a variety of different spaces, all of which can be reserved for student activities and events. 


In order to place a reservation for one of these spaces, email or 

These are the only spaces that OSE and Student Life are able to reserve. Please refer to the space reservation page if you are interested in reserving another space. 

The spaces within the Student Center are known as:

  • Upper Student Center (USC) has a variety of arcade games that students can play at any given time in addition to video games as well as pingpong, pool, foosball and air hockey.
  • Lower Student Center (LSC) is an open space connected to the USC that allows for recreational games such as dodgeball and pickleball. It has also been used as a roller rink and installation space. 
  • DownCaf is commonly used for performances and is fully equipped with speakers, mics and a mixing board which aids late-night comedy or music shows. It is also utilized as a club meeting space and events hosted by student organizations. 
  • UpCaf is also suitable for club meetings or craft-making but is not equipped for performances. This space is also where the student engagement and residential life offices are located. In addition the UpCaf is used to store club equipment as well as PAC items to ensure quick access for the student body when needed. 
Equipment Sign Out

OSE equipment consists of video game controllers, two VR headsets, TV remotes, and one small amp. If you wish to sign out any of these items, fill out the equipment sign-out form and return it to the OSE. Late returns will result in fines as well as an inability to sign out equipment in the future. If equipment is broken in your care, you will be charged with replacing it as well. 

Equipment sign-out form (Engagement office)

Meyer Recreation Barn

The Meyer Recreation Barn is the gym facility on campus with a dance studio above it. OSE only manages the gym portion of the space. It is equipped with a variety of equipment including a small climbing wall that offers bouldering and top rope. 

Spaces cannot be reserved here and equipment is not available for sign out.


The hours for the gym are 7:00 am–9:00 pm during weekdays and 9:00 am–9:00 pm during weekends. The climbing hours for belaying are decided at the start of each term in conjunction with the climbing monitors.

Equipment and Waivers

If you wish to boulder, you can do so freely once you have signed a liability waiver. You must also sign this for top roping but regardless of the waiver, top roping is only allowed in the presence of an accredited climbing monitor. Yoga mats, resistance bands and other items are available for use but must be requested through the Meyer Recreation Barn monitor at the start of your workout and returned at the end of it. This is to avoid theft and to ensure that all equipment is maintained in proper condition.

Athletic clubs may request to store equipment in the Meyer Recreation Barn by contacting the OSE, but clubs maintain responsibility of the equipment with regard to safety and damage.

Questions, Curiosities, or Concerns?

Contact the OSE or pop by UpCaf—we are always open to conversation.