Undergraduate Sample Budget

2021–2022 Annual Fees and Sample Budget

Undergraduate annual charges and fees

Tuition $58,848
Room $9,350
Board $7,860
Health Services Fee (per academic year) $350
Activities Fee* (per academic year) $440
Total direct costs $76,848

Other required college fees

Application fee (none)
Transcript fee (one-time charge assessed first term) $75
Enrollment fee (one-time charge) $500
Parking permit (per academic year, if applicable) $140
Graduation fee (one-time charge) $85

Other indirect costs (used in calculating financial aid eligibility)

Books, supplies, and personal expenses (estimated) $3,800
Transportation (U.S. citizens) (variable by state) $100-$1,000

Average annual undergraduate sample financial aid budget

$75,120 estimate (based on $550 for transportation)

Other annual fees

Health Insurance Coverage 
Field Work Term costs

Updated: August 2020