Undergraduate Sample Budget

2020–2021 Annual Fees and Sample Budget

Undergraduate annual charges and fees

Tuition $57,350
Room $9,140
Board $7,700
Health Services Fee (per academic year) $340
Activities Fee* (per academic year) $434
Total direct costs $74,964

*During Fall of 2020 all activities and events are being re-imagined to ensure that there is ability for our community members who have not returned to campus to participate virtually and through social media.  

Other required college fees

Application fee (none)
Transcript fee (one-time charge assessed first term) $75
Enrollment fee (one-time charge) $500
Parking permit (per academic year, if applicable) $140
Graduation fee (one-time charge) $85

Other indirect costs (used in calculating financial aid eligibility)

Books, supplies, and personal expenses (estimated) $3,800
Transportation (U.S. citizens) (variable by state) $100-$1,000

Average annual undergraduate sample financial aid budget

$75,120 estimate (based on $550 for transportation)

Other annual fees

Health Insurance Coverage 
Field Work Term costs

Updated: August 2020