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Bennington is committed to putting an education within the reach of students with financial need. The financial aid application is actually a conversation and we are here to help you get the education you deserve. 96% of students receive some form of financial assistance—66% receive need-based financial aid with an average award of $51,525 and 30% receive merit-based aid, with an average award of $24,605. 

All data as of Fall 2021 unless otherwise indicated.



96% of students receive financial assistance. 



  In 2021-2022, Bennington College awarded more than $29 million in Bennington scholarships and grants to 698 students.


Bennington tuition, fees, room and board totals around $76,000.

Total Aid Package with Bennington Aid, Grants, Loans, and Work

total aid package



96% Receive Aid

Our Financial Aid team is committed to helping Bennington students afford their college education. 


27% are Pell-Eligible

27% of our undergraduate students are Pell Eligible. 

16% are First-Gen

16% of the undergraduate population at Bennington are the first in their families to attend a four-year college. 

20% Are Domestic Students of Color

18% are International Students

55% Hold On-Campus Jobs


Bennington College graduates land on their feet financially. On average, Bennington graduates leave with less debt than other graduates from private colleges, and their low default rate—only 2%, as compared to 7.3% nationally—shows that Bennington graduates are prepared to manage their financial obligations and are employable.  

Within one year of graduation, 93% of Bennington graduates* are employed or pursuing continuing education, and these careers involve meaningful work in their desired fields. 77% of Bennington graduates* report that they feel engaged at work: more than double the national average of 39%. No pencil-pushing, paper shuffling, or coffee fetching here! 

*data as of a 2019 survey

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 Apply Now! 

Visit our Apply page to get started. Admissions applications begin in August for the following fall term. 

Financial aid applications begin in October. Don’t forget the FAFSA, which opens nationwide in October. Try the Federal Student Aid Estimator today to get a sense of your expected family contribution.

Don’t assume you aren’t eligible for financial aid. Everyone should apply!

For Domestic Students

  1. CSS Profile  
  2. Bennington Application
  3. FAFSA 

For International Students

The Bennington College Application for International Student Financial Aid is the only form needed to apply for financial aid at Bennington College as an international student. You can access this form via your online applicant portal, which will be available to you after you have submitted the Common Application or the Dimensional Application. 

As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the CSS Profile is no longer needed to apply for need-based financial aid at Bennington College.

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