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Bennington College works closely to support transfer students from the Community College of Vermont (CCV) by providing enhanced pre-application advising and opportunities for cross-enrollment. In January 2021, Bennington College and CCV entered into an articulation agreement designed to further support current CCV students interested in transferring to Bennington College.

For CCV students interested in completing their Bachelor’s degree at a four year liberal arts college, Bennington College provides pre-application advising, specialized financial aid opportunities, and a streamlined credit transfer process. CCV students are encouraged to take advantage of the existing cross-enrollment agreement between the two colleges which allows current CCV students to take courses at Bennington College while paying CCV tuition. These courses can help students decide on a transfer pathway and can form the basis for mentorship relationships with faculty.

The agreement outlines the following policies:

  1. Bennington College will provide academic advising to CCV students interested in transferring, to include discussion of eligible pathways, suitable transfer credits, and possible coursework at Bennington. CCV students are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at Bennington College early in their sophomore year to begin discussion of the transfer process.

  2. Bennington College will admit CCV associate degree graduates with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, subject to review and approval by the Bennington Admissions Committee. Students with a grade point average below 3.0 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A student's previous GPA from CCV is not included in any GPA calculations at Bennington.

  3. CCV graduates meeting admission requirements and entering Bennington College will be awarded a $15,000 transfer award for each year, renewable for up to 6 terms at Bennington. CCV transfer applicants will be considered for all other need-based and merit-based financial aid opportunities for which they are eligible.

  4. Bennington College will accept a maximum of 64 approved academic transfer credits from CCV per the Bennington College Transfer Credit Policy.

  5. Transfer students must spend the equivalent of two years in residence at Bennington College, and complete all necessary requirements to be eligible to graduate with a Bennington degree. On a case-by-case basis, students may be permitted to spend one term abroad in a program of study connected to their course of study at Bennington.

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