FAQs for Transfer Students

Who is eligible to apply as a transfer?

If you have graduated from high school (or earned a high school equivalency) and then gone on to earn college credit, you are a transfer applicant. Please apply as a transfer even if you have withdrawn from your degree program or are not currently enrolled.

Why transfer to Bennington?

Bennington's transfer students tend to be drawn to the College's distinctive approach to education. Here students create their own courses of study, collaborate with their teachers—who are also their advisors—to plan an education with breadth and depth, unified and fueled by their own particular passions. They are challenged throughout their education to explore questions that matter to them, to pursue their curiosities wherever they may lead. By writing and rewriting their plans of study and by discussing evolving ideas with faculty planning committees, students design, chart, and defend their courses of study. Throughout this exceptional process, students learn to develop the structures they need to shape their education—and their lives.

What credits will transfer?

To graduate from Bennington, we require 128 credits and at least two years of full-time campus residence. We accept most liberal arts and performing arts credits, as well as credit granted from technical courses such as computer science. We do not accept more than 64 credits from another degree program. Read more about our credit transfer policy.

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