Employee Engagement and Appreciation

Bennington College is pleased to be able to offer engagement and appreciation opportunities for staff—it’s our way of recognizing and acknowledging employees’ dedication and support of our campus community. The following programs are administered by Human Resources, in partnership with individual offices and managers. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.

Rebecca B. Stickney Award

Each year the Rebecca B. Stickney Award is given to an employee who consistently demonstrates in their work the following qualities: integrity, concern for what the community wants and needs, and an unfaltering effort to provide the best service possible, no matter what the task involves.

Bennie Award

Think of these as “on-the-spot awards”—a small token of appreciation. The Bennie Award is presented to an employee in recognition of having done an exceptional job and/or demonstrated a positive and proactive approach to a task or project—the employee who comes up with a thoughtful and successful solution, handles or resolves a particularly difficult situation/problem, or helps in an over-and-above-the-call-of-duty kind of way that makes the task or project a success.

Supervisors may nominate an employee by contacting Human Resources. Nominations should include the employee’s name, a short description/justification of how the employee merits the award, and the desired gift selection. Once approved, Human Resources will forward the Bennie Award to the supervisor for presentation to the employee.

Service Awards

Bennington College recognizes an employee celebrating 20 years of service, and each five-year milestone beyond 20, with a summer breakfast event that is hosted by the employee's department. This small venue allows the employee’s colleagues to share in the service-recognition celebration. The College provides the employee with a recognition gift which is based on the milestone year of service.

Community Engagement

We invite staff to engage and support the College’s mission by engaging and volunteering time at community organizations—both in the local and surrounding communities and on the national level. Eligible staff are invited to spend up to one day each year volunteering at a nonprofit organization, engaging in assignments that support the College’s dedication to social responsibility and action in the world.