Staff and Faculty Wellness

Monthly Meetings

Held on the first Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am. Join the committee.

Events and Initiatives

Events and programs centered on preventive care, fitness, nutrition, education, screenings, and related topics.

More Information

For further information on issues that impact wellness, including sexual harassment and misconduct.


Committee Members

Dr. Randall Anselmo
Dr. Randall Anselmo
Commons, first floor
call call 802-440-4426
Angela Corbett
Angela Corbett
Barn 105I
call call 802-440-4336
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris
Barn 216B
call call 802-440-4379
Jude Higdon headshot
Jude Higdon
Dickinson 225
call call 802-440-4485
Michelle Rollins
Michelle Rollins
Barn 101
call call 802-440-4353
Amy Wood
Amy Wood
Barn 105C
call call 802-440-4348

Committee Vision

Bennington College values and supports healthy lifestyles and a culture of wellness.

Committee Mission

The mission of The Bennington College Wellness Committee is to promote and support a culture of wellness for the Bennington community by providing education and wellness programs that empower individuals to lead healthy lifestyles.

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee is responsible for developing a variety of initiatives to enhance the health and well-being of staff and faculty with a commitment to bringing wellness programs and information centered on preventive care, fitness, nutrition, education, screenings, and related topics. The committee encourages faculty and staff members to become involved in developing programs and initiatives to meet the diverse wellness needs of our employees.

Please review the wellness program notice to learn more about the voluntary nature of participation in wellness programs, information on the collection and handling of employee medical information, and other important information.

Assessment Survey

A confidential online questionnaire that provides you with a picture of your overall health.