Career Outcomes

Grounded in an annual curriculum of fieldwork-based learning, Bennington's career education prepares students to innovate, inspire, and serve. Our students graduate not just with jobs, but with confidence and clarity about their strengths, values, and ambitions in the world of work.

Outcomes: Class of 2018

Results are based on data for the June 2018 graduating class of 131 students, with a knowledge rate of 60%. Knowledge rate is based on results from a one-year post graduation survey distributed in June 2019, with supplemental data independently verified from LinkedIn, self-report, or Clearinghouse sources.

Primary Activity Post Graduation

  • 74% employed (full-time and part-time, includes self-employment)

  • 18% continuing education (graduate school and other)

  • 5% other (includes volunteer service, pending graduate school enrollment)

  • 3% seeking employment (part-time work with active search for FT employment)

97% of Bennington graduates are employed, in service programs, or enrolled in graduate school one year after graduation.

By the numbers

  • 100% of students participated in an annual 6 week field-based learning experience

  • 77% of graduates say their work is engaging (compared to 39% nationally)   

  • 85% of graduates hold a first job directly related to their field of study 

  • 72% of respondents said that Field Work Term was “important” or “very important” to their learning in College

85% of graduates hold a first job directly related to their field of study
top five industries one year out are communications, education, performing and visual arts, public service, healthcare

What Graduates Say

"I narrowed down my career interests, and figured out what my wants and needs are in a full time position."
 —Cleo Zars 17, Apprentice, J.S. Perrot Carpentry

"During a job interview, I was told me that my resume was impressive."
 —Ben Neuberger 17, Assistant Teacher, International Center for Photography

"I built a very strong network in my field that made my job search after graduation much easier."
Nare Filopsyan 17, Designer, BKSK Architects

"Field Work Term was an integral part of my time at Bennington. Each of my experiences confirmed for me that I am on the path I want to take."
 —Katherine Yee 17, Assistant Editor, Grove Atlantic

"Field Work Term is where I started to learn what sorts of opportunities there actually are in politics, as well as where my interest in communications for political organizations began."
George Salvat 17, Digital Strategist, DC Consulting Firm

"I loved Field Work Term! I learned so much in terms of professional behavior, workplace skills, workplace culture, job-search techniques—these experiences were invaluable."
 Aria Killough-Miller 17, Volunteer, Agape Community