Career Outcomes

According to employers, the single most important credential for a college graduate entering the workforce is internship experience. Bennington has 90 years of experience offering required annual internships, landing students in over 100,000 jobs.

At Bennington, every student graduates with a resume of four work experiences, and most accumulate a resume of over eight. This repeat experience leads to satisfied grads: Bennington students graduate not just with jobs, but with confidence and clarity about their strengths, values, and ambitions in the world of work.

Outcomes: Classes of 2016-2020

Results represent a cumulative average for the June graduating classes of 2016-2020, with a knowledge rate of at least 70% per year. Knowledge rate is based on results from survey data collected within 6-9 months post graduation, with supplemental data independently verified from LinkedIn and Clearinghouse sources.


of Bennington graduates, six months out, are employed, enrolled in service programs, or in grad school

Graduating class data, 5 year average, 2016-2020


100 %

of Bennington graduates completed at least four internships or research experiences

June 2020 graduating class data 



of Bennington graduates are in a field related to their studies

June 2020 graduating class data


grads seek work across sectors, with nonprofit and government at the top

Average starting salary 6 months out $45,000 (across industries), $95,000 science and math

What Graduates Say

"I was very confident because I had a lot of work experiences in the field considering my age and that I just graduated."
 —Ioanna Katsara '20 Community Outreach Specialist, Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont

"I built a very strong network in my field that made my job search after graduation much easier."
Nare Filopsyan 17, Designer, BKSK Architects

"Field Work Term was an integral part of my time at Bennington. Each of my experiences confirmed for me that I am on the path I want to take."
 —Katherine Yee 17, Assistant Editor, Grove Atlantic

"Field Work Term is where my interest in communications for political organizations began."
George Salvat 17, Digital Strategist, DC Consulting Firm

"Field Work Term gave me the chance to do things I never would have tried on my own. It empowered me to explore my interests, and gave me the skills to reach out and make connections, and both of those things have been nothing short of life-changing."
—Gennelle Rankin ’15, PhD student, Neuroscience, Harvard University