Financial Aid for International Undergraduates

The average need-based grant from Bennington for international students is $32,161 per year. 

For international students, Bennington scholarships range from $7,500 to $37,250 a year. The average scholarship is $21,804.

The average total aid package is $56,049 a year for international students.

 * All statistics refer to the student body as of May 31, 2022. 

Financial Aid Options

With a commitment to access for all students, our financial aid packages for international students could consist of merit scholarships, need-based grants, and an allocation for campus employment. Scholarships are awarded based on the merit of their accomplishments, the overall strength of the student's application for admission, and their potential to contribute to the Bennington community. Need-based grants are based on a review of student and student's family resources after a Bennington College Application for International Student Financial Aid is submitted. Though the College is not always able to meet the full need of all admitted students, we offer generous awards of merit-based scholarships and need-based aid.


    How to Apply

    • Bennington College Application for International Student Financial Aid—This is the only form needed to apply for financial aid at Bennington College as an international student.  You can access this form via your online applicant portal, which will be available to you after you have submitted the Common Application or the Dimensional Application. 

    As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the CSS Profile is no longer needed to apply for need-based financial aid at Bennington College.

    Scholarships and Grants

    Bennington scholarships are awarded generously to accomplished international applicants based on each student's academic standing, extra-curricular activities, engagement in their education, and the overall strength of their application. Additionally, students can qualify for need-based aid after applying for financial aid. Grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid. Many students will also have scholarships from outside sources that help to meet their financial need.

    On-Campus Jobs

    Many aid awards include an allocation for an on-campus job, which means the student may apply for specific on-campus jobs. A student is not guaranteed a job during any given term, but most students who try to obtain work are successful. Earnings are paid directly to the student and are most often used to pay personal expenses during the term or costs not covered by aid. We have an entire department dedicated to helping students find employment.

    Education Loans

    Many private loan companies will loan to international students with a credit-worthy co-signer. International students are not eligible to borrow through the federal student loan program.

    Taxes, Insurance, and Travel

    There are some expenses that all students need to consider when going to college and there are additional expenses related to studying in another country. These expenses can vary significantly by each student's country of origin, amount of financial aid, available resources in the family, and other factors. All of the expenses listed here may not be applicable to you, but they should be considered when determining your entire budget for college. These expenses are in addition to the tuition, fees, room and meal plan charges, which are charged by the College. Enrolling students should review the items below as part of their budget for personal and family expenses. You may be able to procure the electronics you need reasonably at home. Consider the following expenses and the estimated amounts for a full academic year of enrollment.

    Tax Filing Information for International Students

    Before you leave home

    There are stores near campus and these items can be purchased here when you arrive, if preferred.

    • Cell phone plan (see AT&T for current pricing) | ~$315     
    • Laptop computer (approximation) | $500  
      Note: Computers are available in the library, computer lab, and as loaners.
    • Bedding and other room furnishings  | $200
    • Clothing/footwear appropriate for winter weather and FWT in the Northeast | $300
    • Initial documentation, SEVIS, and visa fees | $500

      Before leaving home = $1,815
    Getting here

    Explore our resources related to planning your travel to the United States and getting to Bennington College. 

    • Yearly transportation cost to USA will vary by student | $1,000
    • Yearly transportation cost to/from the airport to the college | $300

      Getting here = $1,300

    Once you are here, you can work and earn money for some of your personal expenses. 

    • Yearly health insurance, paid in fall term each year IFS Prime | $1,296
    • FWT (housing, food, expenses)​ and cost to live on/off campus (between $500-$2,000) | $1100
    • Books and Supplies (varies by program) | $1,000
    • Personal pocket money at $20 each week | $600
    • Yearly estimated taxes paid on scholarships for room and board, varies by country treaty | $350
    • Yearly estimated taxes paid on employment earnings, varies by country treaty | $250
    • Out of pocket health costs | $200
    • Cost of summer housing and food, if applicable | $1,200
    • Average miscellaneous fees: room damage, library, ID card replacement, etc. | $55

      Annual expenses once on campus | $5,755

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