Professional Training Option

Field Work Term is intended to get students out of the classroom, exploring interests in a professional setting, and is not intended for additional course-based trainings. However, exceptions may be made for:

  • Hands-on experiential training programs resulting in a certification required for a particular professional field (i.e. massage therapy certification, EMT training, yoga teacher training, etc.).
  • Apprenticeship programs where a student is working directly with an artist or craftsperson to learn a particular technique, style, approach, etc.

Students wishing to complete a professional training toward primary FWT hours must apply via the FWT Registration Form in Handshake, and provide proof of successful completion by February 22, 2019. If approved, a student may only do a professional training program for one FWT.

The following experiences cannot count toward primary FWT hours:

  • Credit and noncredit-bearing courses at other institutions
  • Preparatory courses for graduate and professional school programs
  • Being tutored in a particular subject (such as language, writing, or other independent instruction)
  • Personal enrichment and self-help programs
  • Independent art, dance, acting, language, and music classes