The Bennington Free Press (BFP)

The Bennington Free Press is a student-run journalistic platform that accurately and fairly reports on, analyzes, and investigates issues and events that are important to the Bennington College community.

For the time being we are an online, bi-monthly publication, with all content written by Bennington College students. We cover topics such as community news, features, opinion, campus and regional arts and culture, satire and reviews.

The recent revival of the Bennington Free Press will respond to the need expressed from students for a student-run newspaper. After several incarnations of a college paper, the Bennington Free Press began in 2003. In the past it has been in the form of a printed newspaper, a magazine, and an online publication. At the moment it is online only, in response to popular demand we hope to return to printing a newspaper beginning in fall 2016.

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