Grades and Evaluation

Students may also elect to receive grades (A, B, C, D, F) in individual courses, in addition to Narrative Evaluations, by submitting the Letter Grade Request Form to the Office of the Provost and Dean during the first two weeks of each term. It is not possible to request grades retroactively, nor is it possible to reverse or add a request for grades after the first two weeks of the term.

While students at Bennington are evaluated in multiple ways throughout each term, and although the Narrative Evaluation remains the foundation for all transcripts, many students have found it useful and sometimes necessary to request grades for their transcripts each term during the allowed period. If a student might apply to a post-graduate professional program or to graduate school, we suggest they consider opting for letter grades for at least four terms during their time at Bennington. Students who might pursue graduate work internationally are strongly advised to take letter grades for all courses. Additionally, if a student receives a scholarship or grant that requires a GPA, they should request letter grades. Any students with questions about whether or not to apply for grades should discuss the matter with their faculty advisor and the Office of the Registrar, Academic Services or other members of the Office of the Provost and Dean.