Letterpress studio


At Bennington, students work closely with faculty to design the content, structure, and sequence of their study and practice—their Plan—taking advantage of resources inside and outside the classroom to pursue their work. 

The focus of printmaking at Bennington College is to explore, hands on, this versatile and broad contemporary artist medium and its rich history and methodology.

Bennington College boasts two beautiful, multi-use print studios. The studio in our Visual and Performing Arts center permits all levels of work in stone, plate and photo lithography, intaglio, photopolymer gravure, wood block printing, monotype, and screen printing. In addition, our new letterpress studio, the Word and Image Lab, is well-equipped with metal type, a new photopolymer relief platemaker (A3), and two Vandercook presses (#3 and #4).

The print shops and the curriculum are carefully designed to serve a wide range of courses covering many approaches to making art in print media. Everything from introductory course work to professional artist’s editions are produced with fine materials and well-maintained, high-quality machines in studio spaces that welcome a diverse range of artistic sensibilities.

Students who take print courses leave with a strong sense of printmaking as a contemporary artist medium that can feed into all kinds of work across disciplines. They also have an understanding of how their study relates to the history of printing, communication, and technology, and how technology can be manipulated by artists.

Current Courses


Thorsten Dennerline produces paintings, drawings, and artists’ books. The main focus of his work originates from an interest in poetry, which has led to collaborative projects with writers in book form, and in paintings and drawing projects that explore the poetic possibilities of the landscape.

email tdennerline@bennington.edu

Visiting Faculty & Technicians

Image of Anna Hepler
Visiting Faculty

Anna Hepler is based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Her work, which is both hand-held and architectural in scale, overturns first impressions – wire forms flatten into drawings, clay impersonates metal, plywood coils like rope, plastic inhales, and exhales. Hepler values embarrassment, uncertainty, blunder, and fragility as active agents in her studio process. 

email annahepler@bennington.edu
Image of Corinne Rhodes
Technical Instructor in Printmaking

Corinne Rhodes is an artist-printmaker and runs Cherry Press Printmaking Workshop in Rutland, MA. For the past three years she has been immersed in developing techniques and materials for non-toxic lithography, which she teaches at Cherry Press and other printmaking workshops, colleges/universities and art schools/institutions.

email corinnerhodes@bennington.edu