Guest Artists and Teaching Fellows

Dance performance

Our faculty of renowned professional choreographers and dancers, dedicated to contemporary practices, seek out guest artists and seasoned graduate fellows who propel the art forward. This constantly changing roster has included emergent artists from Asia, West Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and the U.S.

MFA Teaching Fellows (fall 2016)
Guest Teachers (fall 2016)
Recent Teaching Fellows
  • Souleymane Badolo
  • Dai Jian
  • Daniel Roberts
  • Samuel Wentz
Recent Guest Artist Residencies
  • Souleymane Badolo
  • Wally Cardona
  • Miguel Gutierrez
  • K.J. Holmes
  • Ralph Lemon
  • Jodi Melnick
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Steve Paxton
  • Jimena Paz
  • Jen Rosenblit
  • Vicky Shick