Alexander Assur ’16

Johnson State College ’12

Alex AssurAlexander is a Vermonter and received a bachelor’s degree in Music at Johnson State. After a summer spent in archeological research and then working as a filter programmer, Alex began shadowing neurologists and medical students at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to test his interest in the field.

“While I was studying to earn my music degree, I found that I had some spare time in my schedule, and opted into some elective science courses—nutrition, physiology of exercise, and chemistry. While taking these courses, I found that I really loved science, and the health sciences in particular. After graduation, I knew I wanted to go back to school some day to pursue this interest, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to study, or how to get there. Medicine was very appealing, offering the satisfaction of continuing to expand my science horizons, with the awesome benefit of contributing something meaningful and fulfilling to the world. It took a little bit of deliberation, and dipping my toes into other fields of study, but I kept coming back to this path, and now that I've settled I'm very glad of my decision!

“I have a short list of medical specialties that really interest me—emergency medicine, neurology, radiology, and general surgery. I realize it's kind of an eclectic mix! Beyond that, I just want to make as positive an impact on the world as possible, while working in a career that challenges me and pushes me to always learn something new.

“Bennington's postbac program is geared toward students who come from a non-science background, and who want to jump straight into the thick of pre-med studies. It was very nice being able to arrive in June with a small group of postbac students on campus, focusing on unfamiliar material being presented in an interesting and comprehensive light. And of course, Bennington's faculty are all incredibly knowledgeable, and I always feel like my professors love teaching, which always makes learning more fun.

“Bennington is situated in a quiet, beautiful part of Vermont. Aside from being a lifelong Vermonter, I'm particularly partial to the peaceful atmosphere—it's very conducive to studying, but there are all the necessities of civilization only a few miles away. To my great satisfaction, the town of Bennington offers miles of trails and scenic roads to walk, hike, and run on.”