Chase Phillips ’16

College of William & Mary ’12; Villanova University ’14, MS Psychology

Chase PhillipsChase is from Virginia and earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the The College of William & Mary School of Education. After gaining his master’s degree and working one-on-one with children through a Home and Community Services program Chase decided that the medical field offered the best platform for directly assisting others, opting for a career in dentistry.

“While studying for my master’s, I realized that the aspects of psychology that interested me the most were those concerning the underlying biological mechanisms of clinical disorders. After realizing this fascination with the health field, I looked more into what careers were available, and immediately felt drawn to dentistry based on my own personal experiences with the practice. I'm very interested in the dental and oral health field, but I am not sure whether I want to pursue general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or orthodontia.

“Because I went to a relatively small undergraduate institution, I was interested in finding another small school, where class sizes were low and the professors were more accessible to the students. Bennington was also open to accepting students who wanted to pursue other educational paths besides medical school, which gave me more room to search out and pursue my career of choice.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates and professors in such a small school environment. For example, at the end of our summer semester, the postbacs and professors met for a celebratory barbecue - good food, drinks, great company, and an amazing view of the Vermont landscape- where could you go wrong?”