Requirements for Graduation

Minimum Graduation Requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Four years of full-time study. Normally students take 16 credits a term, the equivalent of four regular full-time courses, for a total of 128 credits. Course of study must reflect both breadth and depth.
  • Each academic year consists of three terms: two 14-week, on-campus terms during the fall and spring, and a 7-week winter term of field work off-campus.
  • Students must submit and have approved the various written documents that comprise the Plan Process, each stage of which must be completed in a timely manner. Writing is an essential part of every student's education, regardless of the area of concentration, because of its prominent role throughout this process. A capacity for quantitative reasoning also plays a role in a Bennington education.
  • Satisfactory completion of one Field Work Term for each of the four years.

Transfer students are required to complete at least two years of full-time residence for graduation.

Graduate Program Requirements

For information about individual graduate program requirements, email or call directly the Associate Dean of the College.