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Teaching Languages and Cultures in K-6

Started in 2013, this program set up advanced Bennington students of Spanish, French, and Chinese to provide weekly language instruction to students pre-K through 6th grade at the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB). Learn more here.

Vermont Act 77

Based on the original and ongoing pedagogy related to the Plan Process at Bennington College, CAPA was asked by the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union to join a committee to work with them on the policy and implementation of Act 77 in the public schools in Bennington, VT. Learn more here.

Regenerative and Resilient Communities

Addressing Food Insecurity in Bennington County

In spring 2019, Bennington College was awarded $1 million from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to launch a three-year collaborative effort with local partners to address the systemic causes of food insecurity in Bennington County. Read more

Related Events

May 2022 | Food Summit

Quantum Leap

Founded in 1999 by Bennington College faculty members Susan Sgorbati and Daniel Michaelson, Quantum Leap addressed concerns regarding the lack of academic engagement in the population of local elementary, middle, and high school students. Learn more

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