If employees have concerns about presenting to a medical facility, they are encouraged to consider using Telemedicine, a feature that offers 24/7 access to network providers via phone or video consultation. Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) contracts with American Well (Amwell) to provide Telemedicine services that can be a key element to controlling the spread of COVID-19. Amwell has established a Telehealth Response Program to support the use of telehealth as an initial COVID-19 screening tool, which includes an always-on-call infection control officer. 

Telemedicine allows you to meet with a doctor from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. A Telemedicine consult can save you time and money - consults cost $69.00 or less; cost is determined by your medical plan enrollment. Staying home also reduces exposure and the spread of infection.

To register for the Telemedicine feature visit, or download the Amwell app. If enrolled in the College’s medical plan, please have your insurance ID card available as you will need this information to register. Amwell will confirm the cost of your visit in advance of connecting you with a provider. Employees are required to pay at the time of the visit. Individuals enrolled in a high deductible health plan may use their Health Savings Account (HSA) for this purpose.

Individuals who do not have BCBS coverage can still access Amwell. The cost of the telemedicine visit is $69.00; payment is due at the time of the visit. If you are enrolled in a medical plan through another insurance carrier, we encourage you to inquire with your carrier about any Telemedicine features offered through your plan.

You may contact Human Resources at for general questions related to your benefits or the Telemedicine feature. For additional questions about how the Telemedicine service works, please contact Amwell at (855) 818-3627.