Joseph Poulson MFA '11

“I was inspired to experiment, reflect on the day, create metaphors from classes or current lectures on campus, develop phrase material, compose and let it go.”
— Joseph Poulson, MFA in Dance ’11

Joseph Poulson"My time at Bennington deeply influenced my current work. As a Graduate Teaching Fellow, I was responsible for two movement practices classes (each met twice a week), for organizing a production, engaging in the weekly Dance Workshop, and participating in departmental meetings. I gained valuable insight into the critical thinking, care, and imagination it takes to meet the challenges of being a member of the faculty and collectively running a department.

"I loved experiencing the seasons in southern Vermont. The Bennington College campus is beautiful and houses two of the finest studios one could hope to call their temporary home. During my daily solo studio practice, I was inspired to experiment, reflect on the day, create metaphors from classes or current lectures on campus, develop phrase material, compose and let it go. Most importantly I had the space to work at my pace and become more clear with my own thinking and personal philosophy for making.

"When I think of Bennington I think of happy and hopeful times. I think about the 'liberal arts experience.' I think of leadership, collaboration, thoughtful creative process, and active citizenship."

Joseph Poulson, originally from Philadelphia, PA, received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Iowa and Bennington College, respectively. Currently a member of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, between 2000 to 2010 he was a member of Susan Marshall & Company, David Dorfman Dance, Bill Young/Colleen Thomas and Dancers, Creach/Co and Acanarytorsi. He received a New York Dance and Performance "Bessie" Award in 2009. He has also performed with Elena Demyanenko, Jeanine Durning, Mark Morris Dance Group, Lisa Race, Susan Sgorbati, Peter Schmitz, Will Swanson and  Punchdrunk's New York production of "Sleep No More."